From Conflict to Connection in 4 Steps

From Conflict to Connection in 4 Steps: Cheat Sheet!

After recording my last video about turning parenting reactions into parenting responses, I was asked for more clarification. So I put together a handy cheat sheet. Post it on the fridge and you’ll have lifeline when the sh*t starts to hit the fan. When conflict arises between parents and children, parents sometimes try to grit their teeth and keep it together when they start feeling irritated. 

The problem is that when you try to push the feelings down, it doesn’t mean they go away. They continue running in the background like a smartphone app, depleting your emotional batteries until your irritation has turned into red hot anger. Then you explode and lash out at your kids (or in at yourself) and behave in ways you later regret. 

Another option when you realize you are irritated at a very low and manageable level –  is to stop for a moment. Look inward with curiosity at what’s going on for you. See yourself and your child through a positive lens. Then make an intentional choice about what to do next. Too hard to remember? I’ve made them into a cheat sheet you can refer to whenever you need it! Let me know in the comments what you think!