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Meet Dr. Coor

Hi, I’m Dr. Nanika Coor.

I’m a clinical psychologist, respectful parenting therapist, and mindful parenting enthusiast. I help parents who want to parent in a respectful way but feel held back by their histories with their own parents and caregivers.

The parents I work with often find themselves on auto-pilot, acting toward their children in ways that go against their values and their desires to parent differently than they were parented themselves.

Why do I do this work?

Hey, I’ve been there! Changing your old wiring is no easy task. It takes intention and
comprehensive self-examination to really understand why it’s so hard for you to tolerate
your child’s resistance, intense emotions, or their particular way of being in the world.


As a therapist for children I worked closely with parents and caregivers. I noticed how much my young clients’ progress in therapy was related to the quality of the relationship with their parents.


I realized another way for me to help children was to help their parents understand what was getting in the way of really connecting with their children. Because a strong connection not only gives a caregiver more influence on their child’s behaviors, but also helps their child to heal.


I know from my own personal path to respectful parenting that identifying who you want to be as a parent is one piece of the puzzle, but BEING who you want to be as a parent can be an ongoing struggle. Changing your old wiring is no easy task.


You want to break the cycle of parent-child misattunement from your own childhood, but it’s a daily struggle not to act out when you are triggered by your kid’s behavior.


Dr. Coor is available for speaking engagements, workshops, podcast interviews, live Q&A’s, feature writing and more!

Dr. Coor’s presentation topics have included:

  • Mindful Self-Care for Parents of Teens
  • (RE)Building trust with teens
  • Respectful Parenting 101: Teen Edition 
  • Respectful Parenting 101: The Toddler Years
  • Understanding Your Developing Teen 
  • Parenting in a Pandemic
  • Respectful Teaching Practices for Preschoolers
  • Respectful Communication for Preschool Teachers 
  • Middle School Mental Health during Covid-19
  • Healthy Preschool Parenting Through COVID-19 
  • Raising Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Kids 
  • Addressing Our Kid’s Social & Emotional Well Being During The Pandemic 
  • Regulating Your Emotions As a Parent 
  • Back to School During Covid-19
  • Pregnancy, Birth and Mental Health in a Pandemic
Project Parenthood​

Project Parenthood

Dr. Coor is the current host of the Project Parenthood podcast!


Start hearing a kinder inner voice and experiencing more
mutually respectful interactions with your kids –
without feeling like a dictator or a doormat.

What do you need?


You remember how bad it felt to be
controlled and judged by adults, when
what you really wanted was to feel
accepted and understood.

Set Boundaries

Your parents were so permissive that you
grew up with no boundaries at all. You
want to parent with more structure, but
you worry about being too strict.

Break Cycles

You want to break the cycle of verbal and
physical abuse from your own childhood,
but it’s a daily struggle not to get
triggered by your kid’s behavior.

Get Respect

You want your kids to respect you, not fear
you. But how do you get there?

Mindfully Parent

You find yourself parenting from a place of
anger — explosive and reactive. You just
don’t understand how respectful/mindful
parenting ‘works’ or how to ‘do’ it.

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“You don’t need judgements. You need help navigating the ways that the unfinished business from your childhood plays out in your parenting.”

Dr. Nanika Coor


Consulting sessions are not therapy. Instead, the consulting process involves as-needed single sessions or a series of sessions in which I offer guidance and support to parents, professionals and organizations for specific issues related to parenting or working with children.

We will explore strategies to help you manage specific issues, and you can return periodically for follow-up sessions to check in about your progress and challenges, and we can adapt our plan as necessary.

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