Brooklyn Parent Therapy Media List

Media I’ve Contributed To

Here is a list of all sorts of things I’ve contributed to on a variety of topics. 


Huffpost – 8 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To A Teenager

Huffpost – More Parents Are Embracing ‘Gentle Parenting’ — But There’s 1 Thing Many Get Wrong

HuffpostWhat to do When Someone Criticizes Your Parenting in Public

Huffpost- Looking Back at Your Childhood Could Change the Way You Parent-For the Better

Brownicity – A Diversity of Dolls Can Help Children Learn to Be Antiracist

Choosing Therapy – Permissive Parenting: Definition, Characteristics, & Effectiveness

Equinox – The Daily Check-In

Great Schools – Your Kindergartner and Anger

Insider – How to Support and Parent a Transgender Child, According to a Therapist

Insider – 4 Signs You’re Being Overly Critical in Your Relationship — and 4 Things You Can Do About It

Maisonette – Managing Parental Anxiety in the Time of Delta 

Maisonette – Why Racial Diversity in Dolls & Toys Is So Important

Maisonette – How To Use Inclusive Language & Why It Matters

Maisonette – How To Talk To Your Kids About Race

Maisonette – What Is RIE Parenting, Exactly?

Maisonette – What Is Radical Acceptance, Exactly?

Maisonette – Your Digital Village: 10 Parenting Experts To Follow in These Crazy Times

Maisonette – Why It’s So Important to Bring Racial Diversity To Your Kids’ Play

Matriarchy Report – September Is Looming. How to Stay Sane?

Nataly Blumberg – My Kids Are Going Back to School & This Is How I’m Coping

Outside – How to (Finally!) Take That Kid-Free Vacation

Parent Magazines – Parenting Books Recommended for Parents, by Parents

Park Slope Parents – Managing Transition, Back-To-School During Covid: A PSP Coping Webinar

Romper – 13 Mental Health Resources For Black Moms

Teen Vogue – The Mental Health Cost of Code-Switching on Campus

The Lily – ‘The Mom Shame is So Real’: There’s No Way to Win in the Pandemic

Vogue – How to Handle Election Anxiety, According to Mental Health Experts

Zencare – Eustress vs. Distress


Life Coach Path – Coach’s Circle #35: Dr. Nanika Coor

Your Teen Media – What is “Non-Punitive” Parenting?

Podchaser – Dr. Nanika Coor’s Project Parenthood Episodes


The Berkeley Carroll School – Health and Wellness for You and Your Teen

The Berkeley Carroll School – Sex Ed 101 and Parenting in the Pandemic

The Berkeley Carroll School – The Light in the Tunnel

Brooklyn Coalition of Early Childhood Programs – Teaching in a Pandemic: Caring for Ourselves While We Care For Others

Your Teen Media – Middle Schoolers and Screens, How to Keep our Kids Safe and Healthy


Boober – Boober Webinar 8: New Families’ Mental Health in Trying Times: Coping Strategies

Dana’s Kids – Helpful & Hopeful: An Interview with Dr. Nanika Coor, PSY.D.

Parenting Today – Dr. Cohen and Dr. Coor Discuss Their New Series

Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School – Back to School Transitions

Your Teen Magazine for Parents – How to Change Your Parenting Style with Dr. Nanika Coor

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