Why do I do this work?

As a therapist for children, I saw that a child’s progress in therapy was impacted
by the quality of the relationship with their parents.

“A strong connection to a parent not only allows that child to open themselves up to their parent’s influence, but it also helps that child heal.”

Dr Coor.

I realized that there was another way to help kids: I could help parents understand the dynamics underlying their difficulty connecting with their children; and I could help parents learn how to meet their children’s need for connection through a parenting approach based in mutual respect and empathy.

My own personal path to respectful parenting taught me that identifying who you want to be as a parent is one piece of the puzzle, but BEING who you want to be as a parent can be an ongoing struggle. It takes intention and comprehensive self-examination to really understand why it’s so hard for you to tolerate your child’s resistance, intense emotions, or their particular way of being in the world. Changing your old wiring is no easy task. It’s my honor to hold space for parents as they undertake this important work for themselves and for their children.